Aunt Sandra’s

Ms Moth planned a special end of term treat for us. We had a visit from Aunt Sandra’s Candy factory. We were told about Uncle Willy and how he walked past a candy factory every day coming home from school and really wanted to work there. He became a master candy maker until he had an accident and lost three fingers. Uncle Willy never returned to the factory but decided to set up his own shop and Aunt Sandra’s was born.

First we picked moulds shaped like trees or people and poured some chocolate into them. Next we decorated them with lots of sweetie treats like jelly beans, marshmallows and smarties. After that we made a plate of chocolate and decorated it as well. Next we were allowed to dip some marshmallows into the chocolate to give it a taste. It was yummy. Finally Uncle Jim asked us some questions about the history of Aunt Sandra’s to see who had been listening. Thankfully we are all good listeners and all received a colourful lollipop. We got all our treats bagged up and got to take them home to enjoy.

We had a super day!